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 About JHM & Jonny Hale

JHM's approach to teaching music is simple. Music is a language and it should be learned as such. Language requires three things: 1. Technique - The ability to speak articulately 2. Definition - In music, we call it theory. If you don't know the definition of a word you can't use it to express yourself. Music theory allows musicians to express themselves. 3. Inflection - In music, we call it musicianship. It's not what you say, it's how you say it that matters. Musicianship teaches you how to say things well.

Price, Booking, and Location.

How much?


Each 30-minute lesson is $40. If you book a month at a time they're $30 each.



When is up to you based on availability. Click here to find out what's currently available.



Lessons are located at The River Church in Midland, GA.

We also offer online lessons for your convenience.

 Jonny Hale      
About Founder Jonny Hale


Jonny Hale is an Oklahoma-born, Georgia-grown worship leader, teacher, and singer/songwriter. He lives on the county line with his wife, Aaron Hale, and two daughters, Eden and Isla. He is the worship leader and teaching pastor at The River of Columbus Church and teaches 80+ music students weekly.


He has traveled throughout the United States, training and mentoring worship teams, leading worship, and preaching the gospel. Jonny was the Worship Coordinator for Ft. Benning, one of the world's largest military installations, for 6+ years. Jonny and his team of 20+ worship leaders ministered to over 70,000 soldiers during that time. In 2022 Jonny was awarded an honorary doctorate in sacred music from RBI in Tampa, FL. 

Jonny has been teaching private lessons, group lessons, and workshops for 20 years and has over 10,000 hours of experience teaching in every musical style.

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