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Uke Buyers Guide

Here’s a quick list of the 3 best beginner Ukuleles I’ve found.

Kala Starter Pack

My personal performance Ukulele is a Kala and it’s an excellent instrument.

This uke kit is very easy to play, very consistent, and you can choose between soprano, concert, or tenor sizes.

(Soprano is the smallest, concert is a medium size, and tenor is the largest uke size that is still tuned to standard pitches.)

Hola! Starter Pack

This is my least favorite of the bunch. The accessories are not picks you will use, and I’ve never seen a serious player use a Ukulele strap. The colors are a little flat and this feels much more like a toy than the Kala or the Hon Sing.

Honsing Soprano

My kids LOVE this uke! It has a chirpy sweet tone and the kids love the color and design options. The Soprano size is easy for everyone to play. This is perfect for kids under 12.

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